Hot Jobs!

Sales Administrator – Woking – £21K

Customer Service Administrator – Woking – £16.5K

I.T. Support – Woking – Up to £20K

Warehouse Manager – Guildford – £21K

HR Operations – Woking – Up to £30K

Sales Administrator – Weybridge – Up to £23K

Engineering Support Trainee – Addlestone – Up to £16K

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Candidate Testimonials…

If you are thinking of using Faith Recruitment to find you employment why don’t you take a look at some of the feedback we have had from our candidates…

Chloe wrote: Can’t thank Ellie enough for finding the opportunity I now have working in a great team for a great company!”

Jade wrote: “I’ve used Faith Recruitment a couple of times within the past few years. They are all lovely and fantastic staff and I was specifically helped by Ellie and Steph. They helped me find my first permanent job after college, a few years ago. Also, I went to them recently and they helped me receive a new job offer, on the first attempt and within only two weeks! I’m very happy with this new job opportunity and highly recommend using Faith Recruitment.”

Ruth wrote: “I was very impressed by Faith Recruitment. I now understand the statement on your website about not all agencies being the same!”

Rachel wrote: “Dani and Stephanie are superstars! They have placed me in two positions now, they are a great team!”

Michael wrote: “Huge Thanks to Ellie, Jordan and the whole team at Faith! I can’t thank them enough

Karen wrote: “Brilliant Agency. Only signed on a week ago and had temp work almost immediately followed by an interview for a permanent job which I have just got. Very thorough and professional recruiters and friendly and supportive too. They give excellent tips and feedback. Best agency I have ever dealt with.”

Further testimonials can be seen on our Facebook page :)


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Happy Anniversary Jo!

Congratulations to our lovely Weybridge consultant Jo who has been at Faith for 2 years :)

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Hot Jobs!

Data Team Assistant – Woking – Up to £19.5K

Payroll Administrator (6 month contract) – Guildford – Up to £29K

I.T Support – Woking – Up to £18K

Personal Assistant – Woking – Up to £25K

Quality Assurance Coach – Addlestone – Up to £23K

Customer Service Trainee – Addlestone – £16K

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Temp of the Month!

Congratulations to Chris, who is Faith’s Temp of the Month for April! Thank you for all your hard work and enjoy your vouchers.

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Hot Jobs!

PR Account Executive – Guildford – Up to £32K per annum

Telesales Executive – Woking – Up to £18K +commission

Property Manager – Alton – Up to £25K per annum

Software Support Technician – Addlestone – Up to £26K per annum

Customer Services Administrator (Temp to Perm) – Weybridge – £8-10 per hour

Operations Office Manager – Weybridge – Up to £40K per annum

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What do the next 10 years look like for recruitment?


The recruitment industry has already experienced a lot of change over the last decade and continues to grow at a dizzying pace. If you’d like a reminder of all the main changes, we have a handy little summary for you here.

So what do the next 10 years hold for recruitment and recruiters?

Now, it goes without saying that technology has had a huge impact, (just think, 10 years ago we didn’t even have social media!) and as it continues to evolve, it will play an increasingly important role in the way that companies go about finding and hiring talent.

Let’s take a step back; when LinkedIn and online job applications first appeared on the scene, they were considered supplements to the traditional CV and in-person interview. Not anymore. Today, the world of recruitment is moving towards, if not already in, a 100% digital model.

Whilst, yes, several employers have no shortage of applicants reaching out to them, this isn’t the norm and today recruiters need to be more proactive when finding candidates, particularly in the case of passive candidates – individuals who aren’t necessarily seeking a job but are open to new opportunities, and the younger generation.

More and more of ‘Generation Y’ will be entering the job market in the coming years and raised on technology, they have different expectations about the hiring process – recruiters will have to engage with them in different ways. So it’s not surprising that social media is set to become ubiquitous in the industry as recruiters have access to a wider talent pool and greater targeting across digital profiles. Such targeting will also be helped by mobile apps as candidates increasingly take to their smartphones and mobile devices to keep in touch.

The problem though, as you can imagine, is that sorting through tonnes of profiles is time consuming to say the least and distracts recruiters from their most important task – hiring. That’s where automated tools like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) come in. These handy systems streamline the entire recruitment process allowing recruiters and hiring managers to easily and affordably find, evaluate and organize top candidates. Fancy!

This area is expected to grow massively, with existing technologies set to evolve from basic candidate capture and CV keyword matching to innovative, tailored analytics programs that carry out complex prediction scenarios to asses and filter candidates’ suitability for positions. Such data capture technology is also predicted to become more customer driven, targeting specific groups and delivering a superior candidate experience.

What’s more, it’s thought that data analytics may help recruiters find which passive candidates are best to approach. Clever! These so called ‘Smart’ ATS systems will play a huge part in the future of recruitment and you can expect to see them as early as next year!

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Happy Birthday To Us!

Here are our lovely Faith Recruitment ladies celebrating our 10 years in recruitment!

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Hot Jobs!

Part Time Bookkeeper – Woking – £15-19 per hour

Media Coordinator – West Byfleet – Up to £23K per annum

Events Assistant – Woking – £20K per annum

PR Graduate – Farnham – £14K per annum


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10 years in recruitment – 10 years of change for job seekers

It’s been 10 years for us here at Faith, ten years! Where has the time gone? This got us thinking about just how much the recruitment industry has changed over the last decade (but then again, hasn’t everything?). There’s no denying that recruitment in the UK has expanded and evolved significantly since we opened our doors, but what have been the main changes?

1.      Job Boards

Well, it goes without saying that the Internet has had a huge impact. Gone are the days of sifting through job listings in newspapers or posting CVs to companies. Instead, the industry has seen a huge increase in the use of job boards to search and apply, making the whole process much simpler for both recruiters and applicants. How did we ever cope before?

2. Mobile recruiting:

Searching and applying for jobs using a mobile device didn’t even exist 10 years ago – crazy eh? Now, it’s becoming increasingly popular with over 62% of job seekers searching for vacancies on their smartphones or tables.

3. Social Media

Now it’s hard to picture a time when this wasn’t a part of our everyday lives, but platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn were mere babies when we started out. Today, social media has evolved massively to become an important part of the hiring strategy. Job seekers need to be mindful that employers will check them out online before interviewing them – how you present yourself on social media can be a real boon or bust for your job-search efforts.

4. Skills

‘Skills’ such as typing and digital literacy are now expected by recruiters rather than viewed as bonuses.

5. Video interviews

10 years ago, if someone had mentioned a Skype interview you probably wouldn’t have had a clue what they were on about, but video interviews are now commonplace, often replacing the traditional face-to-face first meetings. Time to practice your camera skills!

6. Recruitment Agencies:

A continually improving economy = a similarly increasing demand for high quality staff.

But, actually finding the best people for the right jobs is easier said than done. That’s where recruitment agencies come in – thanks to a strong network of candidates both ‘in’ the market (e.g. those already employed and not actively looking for a new job), as well as those ‘on’ the market (actively job seeking), more and more employers are using recruitment agencies to hire staff.

7. Networking

Networking in recent years has become quite the buzzword.  From LinkedIn groups to industry events, networking has taken on a whole new dimension over the last 10 years and become an essential for ambitious careerists.

8. Multiple interviews

Multiple interviews used to be somewhat unheard of but are increasingly the norm as employers strive to hire and retain the best quality candidates. There’s a growing focus in ensuring that candidates are right for the employer and that, at the same time, companies are right for candidates too so it’s not uncommon for candidates to have numerous interviews/ meet-and-greets with different people within the organization.

9. Global recruiting

Today recruiters can reach you from all around the world from wherever you happen to be. Ahh – the wonders of the internet!

10. Recruitment technologies

Over the last few years, recruitment software such as applicant tracking systems have gained popularity, helping to simplify the recruitment process for both recruiters and job seekers. They enable candidates easily complete applications for multiple jobs and receive job alerts whilst also allowing employers to post jobs, screen out unsuitable candidates and manage the entire hiring process online. It’s looking like this is one area that is set to grow in the upcoming years.

It’s been a great 10 years for recruitment, and we can only imagine what’s next for the industry!

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