National Minimum Wage Increase!

❗ πŸ“’ Changes to pay 1st April 2024 ❗ πŸ“’

πŸ“ The National Minimum Wage is increasing from 1st April 2024. Over 21’s will be entitled to the National Living Wage, rather than 23 and over as it has previously. This is the largest wage increase ever! The new wage will be increased to Β£11.44 for 21’s and over.

βœ” The wages for 18 – 20, under 18’s and apprentice wages will also be increasing as outlined in the table below. This is a step in the right direction as we face increased cost of living, the increase is intended to alleviate some of the financial strain on workers.

πŸ“ž If you are a business and would like to know how or who this will affect in your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.



Adele has worked in the recruitment industry for pretty much her entire life! She started out with a major plc where she rapidly moved through the ranks to become the youngest area manager on record. Following this she ran a 60 branch independent network before taking the plunge in 1994 and starting her own business. By her own admission this was probably one of the scariest things that she has ever done (and she has had 5 kids and had jumped out of an aeroplane at 12,000 feet!).

“After years of managing other people, getting back to the sharp end dealing with employers and candidates at first was terrifying – would I be able to do what I had spent years training others to do? I needn’t have worried, my view that recruitment is not rocket science was reinforced and it was evident that so many people were getting it wrong. By simple caring more and trying harder to get people what they want, my business was a runaway success”